ECLOF Philippines joins the Cerise + SPTF Client Protection Pathway!

ECLOF Philippines
8 September 2023/by Bipasha

[Client Story] Mrs. Ssewanonda Agnes: ECLOF has been a pillar that has supported my business to this day, even in difficult times

ECLOF Uganda
30 August 2023/by Bipasha

ECLOF Kenya commits to the Client Protection Pathway!

26 July 2023/by Bipasha

Glamping, family accommodation or holiday hut? Micro tourism in Armenia

ECLOF Armenia
1 May 2023/by Bipasha

ECLOF Sri Lanka: Ranked among top 3 on social impact in Asia

ECLOF Sri Lanka
19 April 2023/by Bipasha

[Client Story] Anert Mwenda – From Housewife to a Successful Entrepreneur

9 March 2023/by Bipasha

500 trees planted: Members and staff of ECLOF Coop in the Dominican Republic organize a Day of Reforestation

ECLOF Dominican Republic
23 February 2023/by Bipasha

Merry Christmas from Ecuador’s highlands

ECLOF Ecuador
25 December 2022/by Bipasha

Merry Christmas from ECLOF Colombia

ECLOF Colombia
22 December 2022/by Bipasha

Staff capacity building at ECLOF Dominican Republic: Diplomas, awards and a Western-themed Christmas party

ECLOF Dominican Republic
19 December 2022/by Bipasha

[Client Story] Victor Adviento : “There is money in farming!”

ECLOF Philippines
13 September 2022/by Bipasha

[Social Impact] Global Microfinance Index launches: ECLOF members ranked highly

1 September 2022/by Bipasha

[New video] Tripling Annual Revenue: How small dairy farmers benefit from a value chain project in Kenya

14 July 2022/by Barbara

ECLOF: Among Leading Microfinance Institutions Joining the Inaugural Financial Inclusion Index

13 April 2022/by Barbara

[New video] ECLOF Ecuador empowers small farmers: Testimonies from Gatazo Zambrano

ECLOF Ecuador
2 December 2021/by Barbara

ECLOF Sri Lanka: Responding to government’s call for solidarity by donating an oxygen machine

ECLOF Sri Lanka
21 May 2021/by Barbara

She did it again: How Mrs. Usha turned her business around to adapt to circumstances

16 March 2021/by Barbara

ECLOF Armenia: Rural producers dealing with Covid

ECLOF Armenia
25 January 2021/by Barbara

ECLOF Kenya and the pandemic: light at the end of the tunnel?

16 December 2020/by Barbara

ECLOF Armenia: Continuing to serve customers in the midst of armed conflict

ECLOF Armenia
30 October 2020/by Barbara

COVID-19: ECLOF Dominican Republic helping churches and schools bounce back

ECLOF Dominicana
20 October 2020/by Barbara

New impact study: Using Lean Data to improve the lives of micro entrepreneurs and farmers

7 September 2020/by Barbara
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