ECLOF Ecuador celebrated its 40th anniversary on September 28 in Quito with its wonderful loyal clients, its partners and friends, its staff and board of directors and ECLOF International represented by its Managing Director. Since 1978, ECLOF Ecuador has developed an impactful and sustainable microfinance activity, with a solidarity presence among the most vulnerable communities. […]

ECLOF Ecuador blows its 40th candle

ECLOF Ecuador celebrated its 40th anniversary on September…
5 November 2018/by Barbara

ECLOF partners with Calvert Impact Capital: Making the world more equitable and sustainable through investment

ECLOF Partnership
12 October 2018/by Barbara


ECLOF Network
1 October 2018/by Barbara

Cooperative savings and credit society COOP ECLOF launched in the Dominican Republic

ECLOF Dominicana
5 September 2018/by Barbara

Community health event hosted by ECLOF and Adventist Hospital in Palawan

ECLOF Philippines
15 June 2018/by Barbara

Enterprise training for HIV-infected women in India

4 April 2018/by atelierssud

Aligning money and mission: ECLOF joins the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

8 February 2018/by atelierssud

Community engagement: ECLOF Philippines staff organize a day out with indigenous Agta clients

ECLOF Philippines
14 December 2017/by atelierssud

ECLOF Myanmar featured in leading Social Performance resource

ECLOF Myanmar
15 September 2017/by atelierssud

Innovation in housing microfinance: ECLOF Dominican Republic awarded “Most innovative microfinance institution” at CITI 2016 Microenterprise Awards

ECLOF Dominicana
15 December 2016/by atelierssud

ECLOF International celebrating 70th anniversary in Arusha

1 December 2016/by atelierssud

Big impact with small loans

ECLOF Myanmar
24 November 2016/by atelierssud

ECLOF International celebrating 70th anniversary

28 September 2016/by atelierssud

Credit and training for climate-smart agriculture: ECLOF Kenya’s CEO speaking at Microcredit Summit

24 February 2016/by atelierssud

ECLOF joins Banking with the Poor, Asia’s largest regional microfinance network

22 December 2015/by atelierssud

Agricultural client of ECLOF Philippines awarded as community leader by Citi-Microentrepreneurship Awards

ECLOF Philippines
1 December 2015/by atelierssud

Take Action by signing the petition! Join the Act Now for Climate Justice Campaign

3 August 2015/by atelierssud

Investment in ECLOF featured in Catholic fund’s newsletter

14 July 2015/by atelierssud

Investing in ECLOF – an experience worth sharing for Mercy Partnership Fund

3 June 2015/by atelierssud


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