ECLOF featured in Calvert Impact Capital’s Borrower Spotlight: how ECLOF in Kenya accompanies smallholder farmers turning dairy agribusiness

22 March 2020/by Barbara

ECLOF in Sri Lanka: Still helping families resettle after 30 years of war

ECLOF Sri Lanka
28 April 2020/by Barbara

Weathering the Covid crisis: effects on clients and the ECLOF network

ECLOF International
22 June 2020/by Barbara

Annual Report for 2019 issued

ECLOF International
9 July 2020/by Barbara

New impact study: Using Lean Data to improve the lives of micro entrepreneurs and farmers

7 September 2020/by Barbara

COVID-19: ECLOF Dominican Republic helping churches and schools bounce back

ECLOF Dominicana
20 October 2020/by Barbara

ECLOF Armenia: Continuing to serve customers in the midst of armed conflict

ECLOF Armenia
30 October 2020/by Barbara

ECLOF Kenya and the pandemic: light at the end of the tunnel?

16 December 2020/by Barbara

ECLOF Armenia: Rural producers dealing with Covid

ECLOF Armenia
25 January 2021/by Barbara

New social performance report issued on ECLOF Kenya

2 April 2019/by Barbara

Building a diversified family business from scratch

15 January 2019/by Barbara

Towards greater social justice: Welsh churches invest in ECLOF

ECLOF Partnership
4 December 2018/by Barbara

From a micro business to a small enterprise with organic oyster mushrooms

ECLOF Armenia
27 November 2018/by Barbara

ECLOF Ecuador blows its 40th candle

ECLOF Ecuador
5 November 2018/by Barbara

ECLOF partners with Calvert Impact Capital: Making the world more equitable and sustainable through investment

ECLOF Partnership
12 October 2018/by Barbara


ECLOF Network
1 October 2018/by Barbara

Cooperative savings and credit society COOP ECLOF launched in the Dominican Republic

ECLOF Dominicana
5 September 2018/by Barbara

Community health event hosted by ECLOF and Adventist Hospital in Palawan

ECLOF Philippines
15 June 2018/by Barbara

Enterprise training for HIV-infected women in India

4 April 2018/by atelierssud

Aligning money and mission: ECLOF joins the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

8 February 2018/by atelierssud

Community engagement: ECLOF Philippines staff organize a day out with indigenous Agta clients

ECLOF Philippines
14 December 2017/by atelierssud

ECLOF Myanmar featured in leading Social Performance resource

ECLOF Myanmar
15 September 2017/by atelierssud
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