Dr. Ivete Sacramento, City Secretary of Reparations, hands over the award to CEADe’s Executive Director and a credit officer

In Brazil, ECLOF is known as Centro Ecumênico de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento (CEADe) and based in the city of Salvador, capital of the Northern state of Bahia.

As the first capital of Brazil, Salvador has had a 300-year history of slavery with all its human suffering until slavery was finally outlawed in 1888. Today, the City Council recognizes companies and NGOs that combat racism and value racial diversity among their staff and clients with the “Seal of racial equity”.

Participants at the award ceremony

CEADe is committed to offering opportunities to the Afro-descendant population of Salvador to access formal employment and income. CEADe also serves predominantly slave-descendent clients who make up around 80% of all clients. The seal is awarded annually and CEADe has been awarded in the highest tier since the first edition in 2008.

CEADe proudly displays the seal on the office wall

CEADe’s head office team