We believe that deeper insight through technology and strong data can help financial service providers (FSPs) better understand their clients and the impact their services have on their clients’ lives. It can also help improve existing products and create new ones. That is why we’re an official partner of the 2024 Microfinance (MFI) Index. Built by 60 Decibels, the MFI Index is a groundbreaking financial inclusion initiative that exists to measure and benchmark the impact of the microfinance industry – providing high quality, comparable social performance data for the sector globally.

ECLOF has a clear mission to promote human dignity and social justice through microfinance. In order to achieve social impact, ECLOF targets vulnerable communities and provides them with financial and capacity building services that enable them to build a sustainable livelihood. ECLOF uses a reliable customer-centric lean data methodology, 60 Decibels Microfinance Index, to assess its social impact.

With great pleasure, the ECLOF network announces its participation in the 2024 MFI index, which offers comprehensive assessments of client experience, satisfaction and protection.

Last year, the 2023 Microfinance Index expanded to collect over 1 million unique data points, measuring the comparative social performance of 115 FSPs covering 32 countries, based exclusively on listening to the lived experience of over 32,000 of their clients. Now in its third year, the 2024 Microfinance Index will bring the biggest dataset to date, with global insights from 150+ FSPs and 14 new countries being added into the mix. Check out the full list of FSPs signed up for the 2024 MFI Index here.

The more financial service providers take part in the Index, the more client voices are heard, and the more comprehensive these insights on the global microfinance industry will be. We’re proud to participate in the Index and help amplify the voices of microfinance across the world even further. Find out more here.