Nina Nayar

Nina Nayyar

Nina Nayar is an independent consultant with a range of experience including policy and advocacy, human resource development, institutional development services, strategic planning, product design and social performance management in over 30 countries worldwide. Ms Nayar has provided both advisory and consulting services to a range of institutions, including government agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors. She currently serves on the Board of ECLOF International and provides advisory support to network-strengthening initiatives of SEEP and ADA. She has been a supporter of the BWTP program since its establishment. Prior to consulting, Ms Nayar served as CEO of the South Asia Network of Microfinance Initiatives and INAFI International and was the Asia Regional Coordinator/Acting Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for WWB/NY. Ms Nayar holds an MA from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in Regional Studies with a focus on Gender and Development and a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Virginia (USA). Ms Nayar is an Indian national based in Cochin (South India).