Ada Wiscovitch Carlo

Ada W. Carlo

Ada Wiscovitch Carlo was born in Puerto Rico. She has lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic since 1969. Ms Wiscovitch Carlo studied Economics at the University of Puerto Rico (magna cum laude). Throughout her career, she has worked for local and international private commercial banks. Ms Wiscovitch Carlo has also been the Executive Director of the Fundación Dominicana de Desarrollo, a microcredit NGO. Besides serving on the Board of ECLOF, she is a member of the Board of BanReservas, a Dominican government-owned commercial bank, and is the Chair of its Audit Committee. She also currently sits on the Board of SERVIR’D, a Jesuit NGO, and of the Fundación por la Música, a foundation that promotes musical education for gifted students. She is the Chair of the Patronato del Parque Nacional Manantiales del Cachón de la Rubia, one of the largest protected areas in Santo Domingo.