Churches and Community Support

The local churches and their national associations are part of the group of stakeholders of ECLOF in every country where we operate. They give guidance as part of the governance of each national ECLOF member and provide logistical and technical support to ECLOF’s work. They even invest in ECLOF at a national or international level. ECLOF assists micro entrepreneurs and farmers in their activities in the poorest and most remote areas. Churches and their congregations take a role in the field in several ways: through financial assistance and providing tools and materials to support the entrepreneurs’ work, thus enhancing the impact of the loan; through linkages with their network of partners; and by connecting ECLOF with potential beneficiaries in the communities. In some cases, ECLOF joins hands with community development officers to achieve its mission. Being at the core of ECLOF, Churches and communities are integral parts of the ECLOF solidarity chain supporting micro entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers.

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