Savings & optimal investment decisions are not a preserve of the rich

Client: Robert Mukome

Business: Farming and construction work

Location: Nyeri County, Kenya

Gender: Man

Robert Mukome does construction work and is a small scale farmer in Nyeri County. He has been an ECLOF client for the last four and a half years and has benefited from the financial literacy program.


Unambwe facing the challenges of life

Client: Unambwe Ibrahim Ndossi

Business: Farmer

Location: Tanzania

Gender: Woman

As farmers, Tanzanian women plant, weed and har­vest food crops and tend livestock. As caretakers, they look after children and relatives, prepare meals and manage the home. Unambwe Ibrahim Ndossi is such a woman, 45 years old and mother of 5. In the past, the family owned two cows and was supply­ing milk to the village which allowed them to make a decent living. But in 2011, both of the cows died and her husband had a serious accident, breaking his jaw and fracturing eight ribs. He couldn’t work anymore and Unambwe had to quickly come up with a solution to support the family.


ECLOF Uganda

Established: 1993

Headquarters: Kampala

Number of branches & branch type: 3 branches

Number of staff: 23

Number of loan officers: 10

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 636,268

Active clients: 1,783

Women among clients: 64%

Ms Jennifer Mugalu

Executive Director

Plot 2 Kyaggwe Road, Ground Floor
Kati House
P.O. Box 22886



Phone: +256 414 344 249

Fax: +256 414 254 522


ECLOF Tanzania

Established: 1961

Headquarters: Arusha

Number of branches & branch type: 5 branches

Number of staff: 57

Number of loan officers: 29

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 2.1 million

Active clients: 5,861

Women among clients: 65%

Mr Eliamlisi Joseph Mlay

Executive Director

Simeon Road (Impala Phillips)

P.O.Box 1082

Arusha, Tanzania



Phone: +255 27 254 3030



Established: 1994

Headquarters: Nairobi

Number of branches & branch type: 19 branches

Number of staff: 280

Number of loan officers: 140

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 11 million

Active clients: 55,088

Women among clients: 49%

Ms Mary Munyiri

Executive Director

Royal Offices
Mogotio Road - Off Chiromo Lane



Phone: +254 20 374 2817/778

Fax: +254 20 374 2630