Social Performance Report: ECLOF Kenya

ECLOF Kenya is a medium-sized MFI. Through a country-wide network of branches, it targets Kenya’s working poor, particularly women, with financial and related non-financial services. 311 staff serve more than 62,000 clients, most of them reside in rural areas. Nearly 40% of the clients make a living on agriculture.

As part of its social and environmental performance management (SEPM), ECLOF International audits its network members, supports their capacity building and monitors their performance through a social reporting framework. Public Social Performance Reports are part of this framework. This is the 3rd edition of the report about ECLOF Kenya.

ECLOF Kenya helps clients cope with emergencies, invest in economic opportunities, build assets and manage their daily financial needs. Innovative products bundle financial and non-financial services, whether it be in the area of clean energy, water & sanitation or the value chain financing of dairy farmers.

ECLOF monitors the impact its services have on clients. In the 2022 edition of the 60 Decibels Global Microfinance Index, ECLOF Kenya ranked 2nd on client impact out of 72 participating microfinance institutions from all over the world. More so than their peers, ECLOF clients in Kenya reported significantly improved business and household income, increased resilience to shocks and strong understanding of the conditions and implications of borrowing.


Social Performance Report: ECLOF Kenya