In inclusive finance, employees are an organization’s main asset. They need to feel well-equipped and motivated to achieve their objectives, valued by peers and leaders, and given space to grow and develop.

At ECLOF in the Dominican Republic, the continuous and systematic training of staff is anchored in a formal Staff Training and Development Program. Employees enroll in diploma courses on topics as diverse as Leadership and Management, Defensive Driving, Portfolio Management, Extraordinary Client Services, First Aid, or Occupational Safety and Hygiene. For the first time, ECLOF admitted staff to a course offered by ECLOF NGO together with the Universidad Federico Henríquez y Carvajal in 2022. Over four months, participants studied efficient management of cooperatives, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship at university level.

Graduation ceremonies held in December officially recognized the effort and dedication of the students of both diploma and university-level courses. The participation of board members of ECLOF COOP and the ECLOF NGO in the ceremonies highlighted the importance that ECLOF attaches to building the capacity of its team.


Then a Western-themed Christmas party for all staff topped off the year. Besides music, food and drinks under a “Western” theme, awards were given to the best branch, best loan officer, best service assistant and others.