Small farms produce most of the food in Africa. But they need to become more productive to keep up with a growing population.

In Kenya, ECLOF runs an innovative agricultural value-chain financing model to enhance the capabilities of smallholder farmers and their cooperatives and plants. Through financial and technical training, loans and linkages with local dairy plants as secure buyers, farmers earn a stable income and invest in higher-yielding cows and better upkeep. On average, participating farmers triple their annual revenue from milk production.

At the same time, this innovative structure reduces ECLOF’s cost and risk of serving farmers: the repayment rate is well over 90%. By December 2021, ECLOF Kenya had disbursed dairy loans worth more than 3 million USD to over 2200 farmers.

A thank you to our partner PWRDF, the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund of the Anglican Church of Canada! Without their support, this work would not have been possible.