The Client Protection (CP) Pathway is an initiative launched in September 2021 to accelerate client protection implementation in the industry. Twenty years of research and refinement of best practices in the inclusive finance industry have brought together 8 Client Protection Standards which ensure that financial services are delivered to clients in a safe, responsible, and fair manner.

In order to protect its clients and promote responsible financial inclusion practices, ECLOF has been adhering to good CP practices all along. ECLOF Kenya is the first ECLOF member to formally commit to the new CP Pathway. 

Here’s how the CP Pathway can benefit financial service providers (FSPs):  

  1. All FSPs are invited to join the industry-wide list, FSPs Committed to CP. This list is the industry’s main way of distinguishing the FSPs that are truly committed to client protection. In particular, funders have requested this list as an easy way to identify committed providers. 
  1. After joining the CP Pathway, take the next step. Each provider’s journey toward client protection excellence will be unique. This simple decision tree helps orient an organization toward its next steps. Check out: The Three Steps: Help Along the Way for more information. 

ECLOF encourages all FSPs to join the CP Pathway. Only through collective action can we ensure the stability and vitality of the industry. No single provider can do this alone and we urge global participation.