ECLOF Armenia – Samvel was granted ECLOF’s first loan in 2013 to develop an electronic devices business. And during a seminar about SMEs development, he was inspired to transform his home into a guesthouse, addressing a gap in his small town of Vardenis where there are few hotels and inns.

ECLOF supported him in this second project and enabled him to transform his house 1st floor into a guesthouse through financial and technical support. He then invested in solar panels to supply the dwelling with green energy and he developed a fast-food to complete the housing supply. He also worked hard on the aesthetics aspects of his place and revamped his outdoor courtyard. His efforts have been rewarded with an increasing popularity of his place.

This family business is run by Samvel together with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. Thanks to its success, Samvel was able to increase his income and generate jobs for his family members. And he is also very proud of his house’s new look!