Access to and awareness of medical and dental services in the Philippines’ rural areas is limited. ECLOF Philippines strives to be an advocate to the rural communities it serves, not merely their financial services provider. In that spirit, the team of ECLOF’s South Palawan branch recently organized a Health, Medical and Dental Mission day. ECLOF staff volunteered for organizing the event. Nearly 300 clients, their family members and friends flocked to the Municipal Gymnasium of Quezon, Palawan where doctors and nurses from local Adventist Hospital provided medical and dental services as well as medicines; local hairdressers offered haircuts. Bibles courtesy of the Philippine Bible Society were distributed. ECLOF also set up a market space where clients—farmers and rural producers—sold their goods. The services came at no charge for the people. The cost was borne jointly by ECLOF’s community fund and the Hospital.

The event has shown in practice how ECLOF in the Philippines lives out its mission to build communities and livelihoods that are sustainable, economically viable, socially desirable and environmentally sound.

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