Savings & optimal investment decisions are not a preserve of the rich

Robert Mukome does construction work and is a small scale farmer in Nyeri County. He has been an ECLOF client for the last four and a half years and has benefited from the financial literacy program.
He says that previously, he never understood the essence of saving money especially when he thought that what he was earning was quite little. The training raised his awareness of the fact that he could set apart some of his meagre earnings to invest for the future. He also learnt how to minimize on unnecessary spending and drastically reduce waste. From that time, he concentrated on better defining how to purposefully use the money he borrowed, investing exclusively in income generating projects.
He used his loans to invest in dairy cows and poultry for agribusiness, now producing 30 litres of milk per day and 30 trays of eggs per month. In addition, he does part time construction work. With the increased income, he has decided to put up rental houses on a piece of land he had purchased previously with ECLOF Kenya funding.
Robert says that financial literacy changed his view of money. He has acquired the tools to run his business successfully. And he has become a better saver, investor and a wiser spender.