Mr. Kahwa Dan is teacher by profession. He joined ECLOF Uganda in 2013 to take a loan as a member of an agricultural group. With the loan of USD 275 he started a maize field.

But his dream has always been to start a school in his home community. So he applied for an individual loan from ECLOF. He began with two makeshift classrooms. Thanks to the income from the maize farming and consecutive loans from ECLOF, over the years he was able to build a total of seven classrooms and an administration block for his school.

He appreciates working with ECLOF, he enjoys the suitable payment terms and the low interest rates. Currently Mr. Kahwa Dan is repaying 12-month loan of USD 2750 he used to construct a water-lined pit latrine for students as a requirement by the inspector of schools. He now employs 28 qualified teaching staff and 7 support staff whom he pays on-time as he points out proudly. Student enrollment has increased from 80 to 340. He continues his maize culture, using a part of the crops processed into flour to feed the pupils, which again reduces food costs.

Mr. Kahwa Dan managed to bring his institution up to government standards. He is now aiming to acquire a registration certificate so that the school will become a legal entity. This will ensure continuity of the school and increase parent confidence — and consequently student enrollment.