“I am married and a mother of two children. My main source of income is the M-PESA  agency, and I earn additional income from a cosmetics sale and saloon business. I started with ECLOF  Kenya in 2015 through a group called Kosiana. I took a first loan of USD  600 which came through M-PESA  in a very short time. This kind of speed in giving loans is not common in the market.

The loan was very helpful as it came in a timely manner to meet my business needs. At some point, I applied for another loan of USD  300 and to my amazement I received money within 2 days of submitting my loan form.

Our group transactions are done through M-PESA  and my group members withdraw and make their payments at my premises. I am so grateful for ECLOF  Kenya to have promoted my M-PESA  business. Due to demand, I have opened two other outlets within our town hence creating employment opportunities for the locals. Hongera (congratulation) ECLOF  Kenya!”