53-year-old Anert Mwenda is a bubbly and cheerful clothing trader in Syokimau, Kenya. Before starting her business, she was a housewife looking to supplement the household income. She first invested her savings and when that didn’t meet the rising needs anymore, she joined a self-help group set up by ECLOF Kenya. Her business continued to grow over time, and ECLOF’s training programs on business and entrepreneurship skills motivated her.


Anert’s flourishing business soon proved to be a blessing when tragedy hit: after long illness, her husband passed on. Leaving Anert on her own with five children, and enormous hospital debt. Her self-help group peers  and ECLOF’s loan officer held her hand through difficult times until she was able to rise again. Anert is passionate about educating her children. At various times, the school fee loan from ECLOF Kenya has helped her cope.

Today she employs three workers. Using ECLOF’s asset financing loan, she even bought a plot of land near her rural home and a motorbike. The motorbike handles deliveries for her Facebook page’s online sales. She quotes, “ECLOF Kenya is a good listening partner who is ready to walk the journey of possibilities and impossibilities with their customers.” In fact, it is Anert’s commitment and perseverance that made it possible for her to achieve her dreams.