ECLOF Sri Lanka stands out from other microfinance institutions in the country because of its proximity to rural populations, particularly women. Whereas the majority of the recognised MFIs concentrate on urban areas, ECLOF counts 80 % of its clients in rural areas where banking facilities are often not available at all. ECLOF Sri Lanka lends almost exclusively to women representing 98 % of their clients. As a result of blatant gender inequality, females in Sri Lanka are deprived of equal access to education and employment. This is why ECLOF addresses them and enables them to create job opportunities. In addition to financial services, ECLOF also provides trainings on finance, management and social matters useful for self-help group management.

ECLOF Sri Lanka benefits from a special relationship with local government administration. In each area, a Women Development Officer (WDO) conducts women health programmes, mothers and child care, sex education programmes, and enlists other competent officers on entrepreneurs’ development programmes. ECLOF supports these programmes and the empowerment of their beneficiaries by providing them with loan capital.

ECLOF Lanka was a pioneer in partnering with t

he government agencies. It gives ECLOF a unique position and creates opportunities to reach places and people that have not had access to other sources of finance.