It is part of ECLOF Colombia’s ethos to offer its clients the most appropriate services to improve their productivity and quality of life. Non-financial services such as trainings and technical assistance for agriculture and livestock farming play an important role in this mission.

On a regular basis, ECLOF Colombia provides agricultural training to its clients. This class-room training is complemented by field consulting to teach client on good agricultural practices. These visits are done by ECLOF staff with an agricultural background or in partnership with the governmental National Learning Service (SENA) who sends volunteer students of farm management or agronomy. They answer a client’s questions and give recommendations on efficient, environmental and health-friendly cultivation methods.

This service is offered only at a client’s request and it helps them implement what they have learned in the training. The active demand by clients for the field consulting testifies to the high impact of its class-room training programs on the clients.

ECLOF also supports clients in their transition towards sustainable agriculture, coming up with solutions to minimize the use of chemicals and reduce the environmental damage. The practice of organic farming empowers farmers to regain autonomy by stepping away from former reliance on pesticides. This is health friendly not only for the consumer but also for the farmer who is continuously exposed to the pesticides.