Kimanthi MUTUA


Kimanthi Mutua – ECLOF Chairman – is the founder of K-Rep Bank Limited, the first NGO microfinance institution in Africa to be transformed into a regulated commercial bank specializing in microfinance. He served as the Managing Director of K-Rep Bank from 1999 to 2010, growing the bank from a staff of 80 to over 550 today, a balance sheet of shs 500m to over shs 7.2 billion, and the number of customers from 6,000 to over 300,000. As co-founder of the K-Rep Group – a leading private development organization, Mr Mutua has devoted close to three decades to designing and implementing viable and sustainable microcredit and savings strategies. Coupled with his extensive experience in microfinance operations, Mr Mutua also has a large leadership and management experience spanning over 25 years. Experienced in the building, the transformation, and the governance of institutions in the microfinance industry, Mr Mutua has provided consulting and advisory services to various institutions worldwide. A published author, Mr Mutua serves on several boards and advisory committees.