Closer to clients through payment terminals

To stay as close as possible to their needs, ECLOF Armenia constantly listens to its clients and seeks to develop tools to respond to their queries.

Many of ECLOF’s clients live and work in remote rural areas of Armenia. As part of its service quality approach, ECLOF Armenia launched a system of payment terminals in September 2016. ECLOF Armenia joined the national system of payments comprising over 750 terminals across the country. ECLOF also installed terminals in its four branches, thereby associating ECLOF with a well-known services brand.

Now clients can make transactions from machines installed in their community at any time. They can repay their loans directly in their community, even if the next ECLOF branch is far, and they can get quick information about their loan balance at any time. Clients can also use the terminals for making other payments such as electricity or gas.

By avoiding long travel to the branch, clients have gained in autonomy and convenience in managing their loans. They can invest the saved time in their business. On ECLOF’s side, the staff invests it in improving the depth of ECLOF services. As a result, this technology has clearly shortened the distance between customers and ECLOF.