ECLOF news

ECLOF Myanmar featured in leading Social Performance resource

ECLOF seeks to actively manage the social performance that its network delivers and has therefore adopted the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM).

15 September 2017

Innovation in housing microfinance: ECLOF Dominican Republic awarded “Most innovative microfinance institution” at CITI 2016 Microenterprise Awards

ECLOF Dominican Republic was recognized as “Most innovative microfinance institution” by the Council of American Development Foundations (SOLIDARIOS), a non-profit association of development actors. Part of the 12th CITI Microenterprise Awards, the award recognizes ECLOF’s new product "Mejora Fácil”, a combination of a home improvement loan with technical assistance to low-income clients.

15 December 2016

ECLOF International celebrating 70th anniversary in Arusha

With the last of three regional events held in Arusha, ECLOF International concluded celebrations of its 70th anniversary.

01 December 2016

ECLOF Myanmar: Big impact with small loans

Kyonpyaw branch is the biggest of ECLOF Myanmar, with others located in Yangon and in the Dry Zone. ECLOF Myanmar finances predominantly smallholder agriculture. The average loan disbursed is around 100 USD per client. Almost all clients are women who come together in solidarity groups of 5 to co-guarantee each other’s loans, share and learn from each other. Besides offering access to loans, ECLOF Myanmar actively promotes a savings culture among clients and builds their financial and business skills.

24 November 2016

ECLOF International celebrating 70th anniversary in Buenos Aires

The strength of the ECLOF network lies in its field operations in 19 countries that directly reach the vulnerable and disadvantaged. This is the reason why the ECLOF board decided to commemorate ECLOF International’s 70th anniversary through a series of three regional celebrations organized in the oldest ECLOF offices respectively in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Last month, ECLOF Argentina, founded in 1961 as the first ECLOF member in Latin America, hosted a day of celebration.

17 November 2016

ECLOF issues its first social performance report

Social performance—the effective translation of the mission into practice—is at the heart of what ECLOF does.

21 October 2016

ECLOF International celebrating 70th anniversary

With the first of three regional events held in Yangon last week, ECLOF International celebrated its 70th anniversary.

28 September 2016

Credit and training for climate-smart agriculture: ECLOF Kenya’s CEO speaking at Microcredit Summit

ECLOF Kenya’s Mary Munyiri will speak at the leading microfinance gathering in the world.

24 February 2016

ECLOF joins Banking with the Poor, Asia’s largest regional microfinance network

ECLOF International with its Asian member MFIs, i.e. ECLOF India, ECLOF Myanmar, ECLOF Philippines, and ECLOF Sri Lanka, have become members of the Banking with the Poor Network (BWTP).

22 December 2015

Agricultural client of ECLOF Philippines awarded as community leader by Citi-Microentrepreneurship Awards

Mr. Marines Takingan is an organic farmer from Benguet who’s been a client of ECLOF Philippines for 10 years. During that time he grew his family’s cutflower business and built an organic vegetable farm.

01 December 2015