Social Performance Report: ECLOF Myanmar

Social performance—the effective translation of our social mission into practice—is at the heart of what ECLOF does.

This Social Performance Report is the result of the social performance reporting framework developed by ECLOF International.

By actively managing its social performance, ECLOF Myanmar puts clients at the center of all strategic and operational decisions. It designs products that help clients cope with basic needs, invest in economic opportunities, build assets and manage their daily and life cycle financial needs.

Thereby ECLOF Myanmar works in remote areas of the country, in particulars areas prone to natural disasters and unfavorable weather conditions. It serves 7,000 clients, 93% of whom are women and 68% have only basic education.

Social Performance Report: ECLOF Kenya

Social performance—the effective translation of the mission into practice—is at the heart of what ECLOF does.

ECLOF applies the Universal Standards for Social Performance, an accepted industry standard. ECLOF has started developing a social performance reporting framework that serves to systematically gather, analyze and present social performance-related information about the ECLOF network of microfinance institutions—for our own self-improvement but also for communicating it effectively  to our stakeholders. ECLOF Kenya is the first member for which a Social Performance Report based on this framework has been produced.

SPM Framework Document

In order to answer the question: “What beneficial effect has microfinance created to the poor it sought to alleviate and serve?”, we have produced an ECLOF Social Performance Management framework.

Value Centered Social Performance Management: A Guidebook

In this book, we aim to describe the desirable values, what makes them ethical, and how these values can contribute to a greater chance of success of having social performance. To make matters simpler, we have developed icons for these values and also identified some indicators which can be used.