Social Performance Report: ECLOF Ecuador

ECLOF Ecuador is a small MFI registered as a foundation. From its office in Quito, 6 staff serve more than 1300 urban and rural micro businesses and smallholder farmers across Ecuador. 77% of all loans finance informal businesses. 37% of clients stem from indigenous communities of Inca descent.

Most agricultural clients are organized in farmer associations or agricultural cooperatives. ECLOF Ecuador lends to them through their cooperative structure, offering dedicated loan products that fit their income streams. ECLOF’s interest rate is at the lower end of the market; but more importantly, ECLOF offers access to loans to clients who have little or no tangible collateral. Besides giving out loans for micro business and agriculture, ECLOF trains clients on financial literacy, organic farming practices and gaining access to markets.

ECLOF Ecuador tracks client satisfaction and adheres to the client protection principles. Staff regularly benefits from professional training.

Social Performance Report: ECLOF Philippines

ECLOF Philippines is a medium-sized non-profit MFI. 204 staff serve more than 21,000 clients across North Luzon, South Luzon and Palawan. 14 of the 20 outlets are located in rural or semi-urban areas.

ECLOF Philippines caters in particular to smallholder farmers and fisher folk who make up 58% of all clients. They face weather risk, fluctuating market prices, and practical challenges accessing services due to geographical isolation. Making things worse, the Philippines is battered by some 20 typhoons every year that cause significant damage to farming and fishery. ECLOF Philippines continues innovating to add value to these communities, build their resilience and deliver relevant and responsive products and services.

ECLOF Philippines advocates organic farming as a way of helping the agricultural sector grow income, mitigate climate change, and produce healthier food. Training on basic organic farming is given to farmer groups through demo farms owned and operated by ECLOF. Farmers learn principles and basic concepts of organic farming and practical skills like the formulation of organic concoctions. ECLOF then offers a loan to successful participants to implement the learned on their farm—and eventually go organic.

Social Performance Report: ECLOF Colombia

ECLOF Colombia is a medium-sized microfinance institution serving over 2200 clients through branches in the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyaca.

60% of clients reside in rural areas, 35% have only basic education and 74% do not own their home. 65% rely on the subsidized government health scheme. Most loans finance rural and agricultural businesses. But it is non-financial services where ECLOF stands out among the microfinance institutions in the market. During 2016, over 1000 clients benefited from ECLOF training and consulting on financial education, good agricultural and livestock practices, animal feeding, home gardening and organic fertilizers. As a result, clients use their loans effectively to grow their business or farm: Comparing numbers between first and second loans, ECLOF Colombia’s clients have generated 1702 jobs. 29% of all loans went to social purposes like home improvement and education.

Social Performance Report: ECLOF Myanmar

Social performance—the effective translation of our social mission into practice—is at the heart of what ECLOF does.

This Social Performance Report is the result of the social performance reporting framework developed by ECLOF International.

By actively managing its social performance, ECLOF Myanmar puts clients at the center of all strategic and operational decisions. It designs products that help clients cope with basic needs, invest in economic opportunities, build assets and manage their daily and life cycle financial needs.

Thereby ECLOF Myanmar works in remote areas of the country, in particulars areas prone to natural disasters and unfavorable weather conditions. It serves 7,000 clients, 93% of whom are women and 68% have only basic education.

Social Performance Report: ECLOF Kenya

Social performance—the effective translation of the mission into practice—is at the heart of what ECLOF does.

ECLOF applies the Universal Standards for Social Performance, an accepted industry standard. ECLOF has started developing a social performance reporting framework that serves to systematically gather, analyze and present social performance-related information about the ECLOF network of microfinance institutions—for our own self-improvement but also for communicating it effectively  to our stakeholders. ECLOF Kenya is the first member for which a Social Performance Report based on this framework has been produced.

SPM Framework Document

In order to answer the question: “What beneficial effect has microfinance created to the poor it sought to alleviate and serve?”, we have produced an ECLOF Social Performance Management framework.

Value Centered Social Performance Management: A Guidebook

In this book, we aim to describe the desirable values, what makes them ethical, and how these values can contribute to a greater chance of success of having social performance. To make matters simpler, we have developed icons for these values and also identified some indicators which can be used.