Nils-Gunnar SMITH

Nils-Gunnar Smith started his career at the Swedish Savings Banks. He is now retired, but from 1997 to 2007 Mr Smith was a Microfinance Adviser at the Church of Sweden’s International Department. One of his main duties was to support the establishment of SACCOs (Saving and Credit Cooperatives) in southern Africa. In 1999 he was elected as a Board Member of ECLOF International and in 2004 as a Member of the Executive Committee. Mr Smith was also appointed Microfinance Adviser to the LWF/World Services from 2003 to 2007. In this position and as a Board Member of ECLOF, he felt that it was important to encourage the organization of microfinance meetings within the ecumenical network, not just in Geneva but above all in the field. During his active years, Mr Smith has seen so many good examples of what a small loan can do to improve the living standards of a family or to raise the self-awareness of women that he profoundly believes in the adage: “Help to Self-help”.