Working in partnership

ECLOF International was born from the ecumenical movement.

On the one hand, our ecumenical identity has always shaped our values and the way we conduct our business.

On the other hand, our ecumenical family has witnessed our growth and has supported us in our development.

Ours is a long-standing partnership, and transparency, dialogue, and a shared dedication to service are at the heart of its success.

The incredible loyalty of our ecumenical partners, some of whom have been alongside us since the 1960s, colors ECLOF’s history and has paved the way for many common successes over the years.

Our partners’ support and guidance have been of great value to us over the years and continue to be so; and it is side by side with them that we want to embark on a new journey.

There are two forms of partnerships that define our organization:

  1. Ecumenical Partners (EPAs) >
  2. Strategic Partners >