Loan Officers

Loan Officers are the pillars of our work at ECLOF International.

What they do

  • They represent the Organization to the client
  • They assess the client’s readiness for a loan
  • They manage the loans and disburse the funds
  • They work closely with the client throughout the development of the business project
  • They provide essential training in the basics of financial literacy
  • When necessary, they help the client to manage difficulties that may arise in the life cycle of the business
  • They monitor the recovery of the loan


Strong ties with the communities

Loan Officers regularly visit the communities they are assigned and get to know the people personally, becoming familiar with the way of life of the community. They build very strong ties between themselves and the clients they serve in the community: personal contact in the form of face-to-face weekly or monthly visits and close cooperation with the client is the hallmark of the Loan Officer’s work.

While a part of their work is to impart financial literacy to the client through thorough training, they often also draw upon their educational backgrounds and expertise to help communities. They apply their knowledge in such diverse fields as finance, business, agriculture, and psychosocial work for the benefit of their clients.

For this reason, Loan Officers are assigned only a limited number of clients to ensure that they provide the best possible service.