Client focus

ECLOF is active in urban and rural areas and serves different types of clients.

In urban areas, we mostly help our clients set up their own business. These businesses can range from a food stall, a small grocery store, or a beauty salon to a garage, a small cooperative, or even a clothing businesses.

In rural areas, we not only offer the same kinds of support as we do in urban regions, but we also provide help for agricultural projects. In addition to offering loans to farmers for the purchase of equipment and other necessities to run a farm successfully, we have also formed strategic partnerships with organizations that provide key services to the rural poor.

We are thus able to offer assistance that protects farmers and rural communities more extensively from the unmitigated forces of market economies that can have disastrous effects on their livelihoods. For example, through a partnership in Uganda we provide the means to store harvests so that farmers might have more say in setting the price for their crops. This way, they are better protected from profiteering by merchants.

Finally, ECLOF’s historical activity still has some importance and ECLOF provides financial support to churches for infrastructure, development, and expansion so that they might better serve the community.