Takingan and Partners: business is blooming

Client: Violie Pagawan

Business: Flower cultivation

Location: Philippines

Gender: Woman

Flower grower Violie Pagawan has more than doubled her earnings since she started financing her business with ECLOF loans, cutting out middle-men and getting a much fairer deal. One of her previous lenders even required a 50% share of her harvest.

In Baguio City, Philippines, the flower trade is a well established industry. Greenhouses are used to cultivate flowers all year round and this is where Violie’s Solidarity Group, Takingan and Partners, are growing flowers for the local cut-flower market where there is plenty of demand.

The investments required to set up a greenhouse are substantial and the group has also needed working capital to run the business.

The land that the group uses for the greenhouse is not all owned by the group, but this hasn’t stopped them. The land is mixed: family owned and rented from private owners and the government.

Violie’s business has gradually built up, beginning as a small supplement to her husband’s income as a driver. But as the business has flourished it has become the main source of income for the family.

Violie has 3 children who are all enrolled at school using the profits which she earns through the business.

Now on her third loan cycle with ECLOF her business is looking very healthy and she is planning to send all her children to college.