Cándido Novo: a vision without limits

Client: Cándido Novo

Business: Ice cream sales

Location: Dominican Republic

Gender: Man

“With a loan from ECLOF I bought my first hotdog cart. It cost me 350 dollars. As I expanded my business, I was able to acquire 18 carts and to employ 24 persons".

"However, I felt that I needed to change my business because I was growing, so I went into ice cream sales and distribution. I started with a guagüita – a small truck in partnership with a friend of mine, but ultimately I bought other trucks and I was also able to buy my associate’s share of the business.”

After just two years in business, Cándido Novo already has six ice cream carts, his ultimate goal being however to have 25 of them and to get his own ice-making machine. Meanwhile his positive influence has also reached his relatives as some of them, following his example, are now becoming quite successful in the ice cream business.

At first sight you wouldn’t realize it, as he’s so agile and dexterous, but Cándido Novo is blind. However, he only lacks physical sight since his vision to live and excel himself is limitless. An entrepreneur who has been successful in every endeavor he has set himself to achieve, he manages his businesses, has a supremely positive attitude towards life, and says he’ll always work to take care of his family’s needs.

I got my first loan from ECLOF since other institutions wouldn’t lend me anything because I didn’t have any credit background, nor did I have any collateral to back it up. So I am truly thankful to ECLOF as they opened their doors to me, and I have been able to keep my business growing."