Unambwe facing the challenges of life

Client: Unambwe Ibrahim Ndossi

Business: Farmer

Location: Tanzania

Gender: Woman

As farmers, Tanzanian women plant, weed and har­vest food crops and tend livestock. As caretakers, they look after children and relatives, prepare meals and manage the home. Unambwe Ibrahim Ndossi is such a woman, 45 years old and mother of 5. In the past, the family owned two cows and was supply­ing milk to the village which allowed them to make a decent living. But in 2011, both of the cows died and her husband had a serious accident, breaking his jaw and fracturing eight ribs. He couldn’t work anymore and Unambwe had to quickly come up with a solution to support the family.


Unambwe turned to ECLOF Tanzania with the idea of starting horticulture which would first yield after only three months. From her first loan of USD 170 she began cultivating cucumbers and water melons which she sold at the local market. She used a second loan of USD 390 to expand into rice growing. Having established her small farming activity, she is now able to bear the family costs, afford the school fees for her two school children and even put aside small savings every month. Unambwe appreciates the support by ECLOF for its fair conditions and repayment schedules suitable to her crop cycles.