Dina and Emmanuel Temba, partners in life and in business

Client: Dina and Emmanuel Temba

Business: School management and dairy and poultry farm

Location: Tanzania

Emmanuel Temba, the Manager of Biring’a Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania speaks with pride of his endeavor. And indeed, the school complex that we’ve spotted on our way to his office really deserves one’s admiration. Biring’a School is a real haven for learning and welcomes children from Tanzania and neighboring East African countries.

When Emmanuel opened the

school in 2006, he relied on a first loan from ECLOF Tanzania of TZS 7,000,000 (USD 4,760) to build essential facilities and buy several beds for boarding students.

Biring’a School was Emmanuel’s dream and, as such, he put his heart into it. His efforts were crowned with success as all of the first 20 students that completed their degree at Biring’a 4 years ago have now been admitted to the University without exception and the school now hosts more than 250 students. But Emmanuel wants more for his students. After applying for a second loan from ECLOF, Emmanuel obtained this time TZS 34,000,000 (USD 23,130) that he used to buy an adjacent plot of land to build school extensions and to buy additional furniture, such as chairs. Now, keep in mind these chairs because they’re special. They’re built in Dina’s workshop… 

After having crossed the premises of a modern school complex and having shared the excitement of Emmanuel at imagining the new buildings that would soon be constructed on the new land once his third loan from ECLOF would be approved, we leave Emmanuel’s dreams to enter Dina’s kingdom.

Dina Temba

Now, here is a real businesswoman. Dina E. Temba, Emmanuel’s wife, is running a packed dairy and poultry farm. A first loan from ECLOF allowed her to buy broilers, build the structures that host the farm, and - last but by far not least - build a few shops that she now successfully rents. But here’s where it becomes especially interesting: these rents bring her a monthly income of TZS 525,000 (USD 345). And Dina is not going to stop here. She’s already applied for a second loan from ECLOF, this time for TZS 15,000,000 (USD 10,200) to buy more broilers, construct new layers to the chicken coops, and set up spaces as shops and rooms to rent. Dina intends to increase her income to TZS 5,000,000 (USD 3,285) per month, by renting six business premises and 7 rooms.  Needless to say that in addition to the income brought by the poultry and dairy farms – the selling of milk, eggs, and other products – Dina has secured a reliable and sustainable income for herself and her family.