ECLOF Dominicana's gift to its nominees for the 2010 Citigroup prize

7 January 2011, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Two of them were awarded the prize last year!

On January 7, ECLOF Dominicana held a special gathering to offer individual certificates and a special gift of USD 80 to each one of its nominees for the 2010 Citigroup prize. Indeed, of the seven nominees proposed by ECLOF Dominicana, two of them were awarded the Citigroup prize last year: Milagro de la Cruz and Ana Teresa Casilla. Regardless of whether they won or not, ECLOF Dominicana decided to offer all of its nominees its own special prize. Moreover, they all spent a wonderful time together. At this gathering, the nominees had the opportunity to share and discuss with ECLOF’s staff their life experiences, efforts, challenges, and accomplishments. All of them voiced their gratitude for the support they received from ECLOF Dominicana.