Lidia & the Rainbow

Client: Lidia de la Cruz

Business: School

Location: El Toro de Guerra, Dominican Republic

Gender: Woman

In the community of El Toro de Guerra, at the periphery of Santo Domingo, 28-year old Lidia de la Cruz runs “Escuelita Arco Iris” (Rainbow School) attending children of the community who need help for their homework and review their lessons. The children would not be able to do so at home, because their families lack time or knowledge to help them. Lidia welcomes 25 to 30 children aged between 4 and 11 years every day.


From drug addiction to financial independence through a church project

Client: Tony

Business: snow cone stand

Location: Jamaica

Gender: Man

Tony entered the ECLOF program among the ranks of the unemployed. He had started badly in his life. While his whole family had immigrated to the US, he was expelled back to his native Jamaica because of several crimes related to his drug addiction. As he had no relatives left in Jamaica, he had to live on the streets hustling for survival and burdened with his ad-diction. In this moment of despair, he became a Christian and took control of his life.


ECLOF Jamaica

Established: 1997

Headquarters: Kingston

Number of branches & branch type: 2 branches

Number of staff: 5

Number of loan officers: 3

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 237,379

Active clients: 237

Women among clients: 46%

Mr Everton Butler

Executive Director

2A Derrymore Road
Kingston 10


Phone: +1 876 754 6773

Fax: +1 876 754 2378


ECLOF Ecuador

Established: 1978

Headquarters: Quito

Number of branches & branch type: 1 branche

Number of staff: 7

Number of loan officers: 5

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 2.3 million

Active clients: 1,163

Women among clients: 54%

Ms Yolanda Montalvo

Executive Director

Avenida Colón E6-12 Y Rabida
Edificio Ave Maria Quinto Piso
Oficina 5-A


Phone: +593 2 2523 214

Fax: +593 2 2504 735

Dominican Republic

ECLOF Dominicana

Established: 1984

Headquarters: Santo Domingo

Number of branches & branch type: 7 branches

Number of staff: 137

Number of loan officers: 69

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 8.9 million

Active clients: 19,911

Women among clients: 78%

Mr William Jiménez

Executive Director

Calle Alberto Peguero 103
Ensanche Miraflores
Santo Domingo



Phone: +1 809 333 5273

Fax: +1 809 333 6402

Meet our clients:

Lidia & the Rainbow


ECLOF Colombia

Established: 1986

Headquarters: Bogota

Number of branches & branch type: 4 branches

Number of staff: 28

Number of loan officers: 13

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 2.8 million

Active clients: 2,385

Women among clients: 51%

Ms Maria Victoria Aguirre

Executive Director

Carrera 20, No. 44-02
Barrio Palermo



Phone: +571 323 1421

Fax: +571 323 1421 ext. 103



Established: 1984

Headquarters: Salvador de Bahia

Number of branches & branch type: 2 branches

Number of staff: 9

Number of loan officers: 6

Outstanding portfolio: US$ 457,507

Active clients: 1,367

Women among clients: 69%

Mr Adelmo Bittencourt Pereira

Executive Director

Av. Miguel Calmon,
Edifício Ouro Preto, 8° andar, 
salas 802 e 803, CEP 40.015-010, 
Salvador de Bahia,



Phone: +55 71 3327 2021

Fax: +55 71 3327 2021