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While our specialty at ECLOF is offering microfinancial services to the poor to help them get started on farming, business, or other projects that can lead out of poverty, we can’t match the expertise of other specialized organizations that offer services that naturally go together with our work.

That is why we partner with successful and prominent organizations that can help provide complementary assistance to the poor that we ourselves cannot.

The point is that even if poverty can seem overwhelming – and it certainly is a huge and complex problem – forming strategic partnerships that bring a variety of strengths of different organizations into harmony can go a long way towards making poverty more manageable for many people.

We want to work smarter together to make our actions reach farther. It makes good economic sense and offers greater benefits for the ones who need help the most.

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Right: Our partner from Bread for the World visits one of ECLOF's projects in the Philippines,© Christof Krackhardt

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