Meet Daw Kawt Maing

09 August 2012 | A courageous mother

Daw Kawt Maing is an onion farmer from the village of West Ka-Paing, in the Magwe Division. Most of the onion farms of this village were destroyed in October 2011 by the flood of the Yaw Chaung River.

Daw Kawt Maing has five children whom she raises mostly alone as her husband works in Mu-se to send them money. Her eldest son goes every morning to the monastery, before attending school, to deliver rice to the monks for the first meal of the day. In the evening, he comes to pick up the leftovers for the family sometimes to eat or to feed the chickens and the pigs.

In the afternoon, while the children are at school, Daw Kawt Maing cuts logs, cooks, and weaves palm leaves to make them fit for roofing. As her husband is not with them, she climbs the palm trees and cuts down the palm branches herself.

She used her first loan from ECLOF Myanmar to buy a pig and invest the rest in onion farming. As she didn’t have enough money to buy fertilizer, she asked her children to collect cow dung to fertilize the plots. Thus equipped, she could sow more than twenty-five plots.

Unfortunately, the flood of the Yaw Chaung River destroyed nine of her plots. This didn’t stop Daw Kawt Maing, however. Indeed, she made a good profit by selling the pig and onions from the remaining plots. Life is not easy, especially without her husband. But Daw Kawt Maing managed to reimburse her loan on time, pays her children’s school fees, and runs her little family as well as she can.