LIFE Farm - a laboratory of sustainable agriculture training

18 May 2015 | ECLOF Philippines have inaugurated their LIFE (Living Integrated Farming) Farm.

On April 28, ECLOF Philippines staff and guests gathered for the ceremonial ribbon cutting of ECLOF Philippines new “LIFE” demonstration farm. The LIFE Farm is located in Narra, about 85 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa, the capital of the province of Palawan. This location was chosen because it is the primary rice farming town for the whole province, and also where ECLOF Philippines granted its first rice farming loan almost 10 years ago.


ECLOF Philippines have developed this farm project with the support of their partner Church of Sweden to teach their farming clients how to practice sustainable agriculture. They will be trained on farm management and various techniques such as inter-cropping, composting and making their own organic pesticides and insecticides. The farm specializes in vermiculture, 100% organically grown vegetables and rice.


Among the guests present at the opening event were representatives from the Western Palawan State University, a campus located about 25 kilometers from the farm. ECLOF Philippines will now partner with the university by offering the LIFE Farm as a place to train their students who are completing a degree in agriculture. The partnership will also extend to recognizing ECLOF as an institution where their graduating students can earn credits for their practicum. We believe that both of the institutions have a lot to learn from one another.


This farm has a unique position since it is the only one of its kind in the province. ECLOF Philippines also has other complimentary projects such as organizing farmers in the different communities and providing continuous education about organic farming.



LIFE Farm class room