ECLOF International's Annual Report 2011 is now available

27 September 2012 | We hope that you'll enjoy reading it.

The Annual Report 2011 is now available on our website. Click here to access it.

This year’s Annual Report focuses specifically on the great work carried out daily by our National Offices. We are delighted to introduce to you some of their clients, whose voices echo clearly throughout the pages of the Report and also to present to you some of the programs that our National Offices run.

You will thus learn how ECLOF Kenya established a comprehensive development program and how ECLOF Uganda launched its biogas program. You will also discover how ECLOF Bolivia (ANED) focuses its creativity and energy on the preservation of Bolivia’s ancient agricultural knowledge, and how ECLOF Armenia works with the United Nations to help refugees and internally displaced persons to secure a better life.

But there are many more stories to be told, and we encourage you to read this Annual Report that will take you through the twenty countries across three continents where we work.