ECLOF Ecuador partners with the Government

04 February 2011 | Inclusive Fairs Process

On February 4, 2011 the Government of Ecuador approved an “Inclusive Fairs Process” to be carried out through the Provincial Directorate of Education of Pinchincha. On this occasion, the Government invited natural persons, micro-producers, and artisans that were already associated or in consortia to submit offers to manufacture school uniforms for elementary and high school students and for all levels of educational units in various provinces in Ecuador. The goal of this event was for the Government to grant contracts to different suppliers.

ECLOF Ecuador was invited by the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion to offer its services to the Provincial Directorate of Education as an institution that could provide microcredit support to the different persons and associations that were selected by the Government through this bid. Ms Nelly Abarca and Ms Diana Cevallos, from ECLOF Ecuador, actively promoted ECLOF Ecuador’s special program that had previously been designed specifically for this sector’s needs.

The results of this collaborative effort were tremendous. Following this process, ECLOF Ecuador granted loans at a preferential rate to several micro-entrepreneurs and to a Savings and Credit Cooperative for a total USD 44,000. The Government is currently deploying this program at the national level and ECLOF Ecuador is definitely meant to be an active partner in this expansion.