ECLOF Dominicana strengthens its governance structure

02 July 2012 | With the support of REDCAMIF and REDOMIF

The Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Network (REDCAMIF) is currently supporting the implementation of a consultancy process on good governance for Dominican MFIs, in collaboration with the Dominican Microfinance Network (REDOMIF). ECLOF Dominicana was the first institution to undergo this process in the country. 

Since May 2012, ECLOF Dominicana has been working with facilitators to improve its governance structure, among them Juan Vega González, the Regional Director of PROMIFIN, Luis Valladares, the Executive Director of IFC, and Oricel Caminero, the Chairperson of ASPIRE’s Board of Directors. Issues, such as roles and responsibilities, information technology architectures, decision-making strategies, and conflict management have been thoroughly discussed throughout workshops and evaluations.