ECLOF Colombia promotes social development in rural areas

06 June 2012 | Two dynamic agronomists have joined the Team to enrich our collaboration with our rural clients

ECLOF Colombia has started to promote social development policies in rural areas and as a first step, has recruited two loan officers to carry out these activities. Sandra Julieth and Jose Isidoro are two young and very dynamic agronomists who will bring a lot to our rural customers, by providing them not only with credits but also with strong technical assistance for their agricultural or livestock activities. 

Indeed, they’re great assets for ECLOF Colombia as their training will allow them to offer advice on farming practices to our customers. Moreover, they’ll be able to make recommendations on appropriate ways to control pests and diseases, fertilization, irrigation, and the proper use of agricultural inputs for the protection of the environment. As for livestock (cattle, goats, horses, poultry, pork, fish, etc.) they’ll advise our clients on the proper use of veterinary supplies, breeding, maintenance, and the general care of animals.

ECLOF Colombia works to boost the rural economy for the well-being of our rural clients and their families; we’re delighted that Julieth and Isidoro have joined our Team to help us in this endeavour.

From left to right: Sandra Julieth, ECLOF Colombia's clients, Jose Isidoro