ECLOF Colombia presents its services at the Fair of the Colonies

11 August 2011 | This Fair is held annually and gathers more than 700 exhibitors from all regions of Colombia

For the second consecutive year, ECLOF Colombia was invited by IPES (The Institute for Social Economy) to present its services at the Fair of the Colonies. This year's event was held in Bogotá on August 11, 2011.

The Fair of the Colonies is a commercial and cultural event that is held each year and that gathers more than 700 exhibitors from all the regions of Colombia. Thousands of people visit this fair and its great success stems from the opportunity that it offers once a year to gather commercial products, goods, and services from the different regions of Colombia under the same roof. It has really become a launching pad for exchanging and setting up business contacts among visitors and exhibitors, as well as fostering economic development more generally.

ECLOF Colombia was thus able to create new strategic partnerships and to learn about innovative commercial approaches; it looked for and facilitated technical exchanges and diversified business strategies; it welcomed visitors and helped them familiarize themselves with ECLOF’s trademark and services; and, last but not least, it met and mingled with some of its local and international competitors.

It is worth mentioning that the participants at this Fair come from such diverse sectors as industry, commerce, tourism, handicrafts, services, projects, gastronomy, art, music, and folklore. Among the exhibitors’ profiles we find: manufacturers, distributors, product representatives, tourism enterprises, foundations, and state entities.

This Fair definitely offered an excellent opportunity for ECLOF Colombia to present its work and services to a wide audience.  Indeed, it is an important meeting point where micro-entrepreneurs and the institutions that support them meet and learn about each others’ products, define new businesses, and expand their entrepreneurial and commercial horizons.