ECLOF Colombia accomplishes full rebranding!

08 June 2011 | ECLOF Colombia is among the first to rebrand and adopt ECLOF International's new graphic identity

ECLOF Colombia really appreciates the interest, effort, and dedication put by ECLOF International in strengthening our great international network. In response, ECLOF Colombia has recently rebranded itself fully!

In June 2011, the Director, Ms María Victoria Aguirre met with her staff to introduce ECLOF’s new graphic identity and to remind them of the basic institutional concepts that define who we are, where we come from, and where we want our dreams to take us. The discussion was also aimed at clearly identifying our organization’s reach in terms of products and services, public image, ethical standing, and protection of the environment.

ECLOF’s new identity was shared in Bogotá with Miryam Romero, Jairo Preciado, Enna Lemus, Jainer Castañeda, Francia Ortiz, Nayibe Castañeda, María Victoria Aguirre, Jaqueline Gaviria, Daniel Forero, Ana Sofía Franky, Amanda Prieto, Amanda Herrera, and with Diego and Jimmy Matallana. The new brand was discussed in a participative workshop where everyone was able to compare views and generate new ideas.

While ECLOF’s new graphic identity was extensively discussed, the conversation also turned towards ECLOF Colombia’s mission, vision, and objectives, the nature of the ECLOF International family, and the question of how, as representatives of the Organization, we ought to present ourselves to our clients. Beyond spending a fabulous time together, the team came back enriched with a greater understanding of the meaning of our new brand and inspired to pursue ECLOF’s mission with renewed and redoubled vigor.