ECLOF Armenia participates in the seventh AGROFORUM Conference held in Yerevan

19 September 2011 | The question of the development of agriculture and education dominated the debates

ECLOF Armenia participated in the seventh AGROFORUM Conference which took place at the Marriott Hotel, in Yerevan, and was organized by the FRUITFULL Foundation.

In addition to several international experts from France, Argentina, Canada, Germany, USA, Italy, Australia, Nagorno Kharabakh, and Russia, Armenian Government officials, Ministers, as well as Armenia’s Head of Agriculture, Finance, and Education were also among the participants.

Different themes were discussed and many partnerships were crafted. But the question of the development of agriculture and education dominated the debates and was addressed with knowledge-sharing in mind as well as for the benefit of future potential collaborations.

These are some of the topics that were covered, followed by the countries presenting them:


Armenian agriculture: tools for farmers 

  • Financial use of cold storage - Armenia
  • Hail, a nightmare for farmers: how to deal with it - Argentina 


Armenia, the oldest winery in the world 

  • Use of Caucasian oak in barrel-making and its impact on the aging process: the Armenian production - Armenia
  • How do you build a wine brand - Argentina
  • Traditional wine-making and agricultural tourism as an alternative source of income - Armenia 


Marketing the product 

  • Influence of direct foreign investment on the Armenian wine business -  Germany
  • How to prepare a wine blending - France


Technologies for education in Armenia

  • Learning at the speed of life: the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies -Lebanon-Armenia
  • Impact of new learning technologies on disseminating Armenian Heritage -Armenia
  • Fruitful Armenia Fund NUR Program - USA
  • Center of Excellence training young leaders for agribusiness and related industries - Armenia
  • Education for all - using technologies to promote inclusion - Italy
  • The Dilijan International School of Armenia - Australia
  • Education at school and education centers of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin - Armenia
  • Architectural project for a new school in Etchmiadzin - Argentina
  • Helping successful people become more successful - Russia