Discover Valliamma's deeply touching story

03 November 2011 | She's a source of inspiration for all of the women in her village

Valliamma is the leader of the Annamalaiyar Self Help Group. In addition to this group, she’s already formed eight other self help groups in Rayankuttai, her village. She’s a strong and wise woman. Seeing her energy and the way she inspires her peers, one would never think that she’s so ill. Indeed, in 2009 Valliamma was diagnosed with blood cancer.

But that didn’t stop her from moving on and fighting for her family’s well-being. The women in her village say that she’s a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for them. Many of them have indeed learnt to face challenges in life by following Valliamma’s example.

When she was diagnosed with this dreadful disease, Valliamma had just been granted a third loan from ECLOF India. The awful discovery of her cancer, however, did not prevent her from advancing with her work. To this day, she’s already received two more loans. Not only did she use them as planned, but she also repaid them promptly and fully. Notwithstanding the pain that she’s going through every day of her life, Valliamma invested the third loan in growing her small silk-weaving business. The profit that she made helped her family attain self-sustainability, paid all of the expenses for her daughter’s wedding, and allowed her to put money into a saving account that she’s used to open a new business.