The church of Mrgashat is restored thanks to ECLOF Armenia's support

15 November 2011 | This church was built in 1865 but had been used as a wheat store since 1937!

The village of Mrgashat, home to a population of 6381 inhabitants, is located in the Armavir region of the Republic of Armenia. The only church in the village, Holy Mother of God Church, was built in 1865 and consecrated in 1903, before the Soviet period. Unfortunately, it had not been used as a church since 1937, when it was transformed into a granary. 

When the Republic of Armenia became an independent state, the people of Mrgashat decided to restore the church themselves. However, their meager resources did not prove enough to restore the church entirely. This is why, through the initiative of the Bishop of Armavir, the community approached ECLOF Armenia to obtain the necessary financial support for this great endeavor. 

ECLOF Armenia immediately understood the importance of this church for the community of Armavir and especially for the people of Mrgashat, and granted them a loan to ensure that the restoration process would be finalized by the end of 2011. And so it came to pass. Holy Mother of God Church of Mrgashat was rededicated in a ceremony celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Sion Adamyan on October 15, 2011. Many staff members at ECLOF Armenia were present, and the entire population of the village organized and participated in the sacred rituals. 

The reconsecration ceremony was followed by a lively folk festival at which everyone sang, danced, shared all kinds of homemade delicacies, and expressed their happiness at having had their church rededicated and restored to its central place within the community.