CEADe (ECLOF Brazil) undergoes a special consultancy process

04 July 2011 | Whose objective is to improve CEADe's credit policy to better align the Organization with best practices in the microfinance industry

Mr Eli Moreno, a senior consultant from SEBRAE (Brasilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises) visited CEADe for three days, from July 4 to 6, 2011. This visit followed the specialized consultancy process that CEADe had launched earlier this year and whose goal was the generation of new parameters for CEADe to improve its credit policy and to better align it with best practices in the microfinance industry. The objective of Mr Moreno’s visit was the drafting with CEADe’s staff the final documents – the new credit regulations and the credit manual - that will be analyzed and ultimately approved by the Directorate. The drafting of these documents is in fact one of the actions that have been defined in the 2011-2015 Business Plan designed to help CEADe reach a higher level of excellence among Brazilian microcredit entities.