ANED (ECLOF Bolivia) sends experts to ECLOF Ecuador

15 August 2011 | Thanks to the financial support of their partner CCI

Thanks to a partnership with Canadian Crossroads International (CCI), ANED can regularly provide advantageous and rewarding internships to its staff. This year, CCI supported ANED in sending two of its employees to ECLOF Ecuador for two weeks, from August 15 to 26, 2011.

On this occasion, Erika Kenta and Omar Tarqui were chosen to bring their knowledge, in Information Technology and Regional Management respectively, to their sister organization. Indeed, they brought to ECLOF Ecuador the invaluable knowledge and experience developed by ANED over the past 30 years. In exchange, they returned to ANED rich with lessons from ECLOF Ecuador.

Erika Kenta, who is responsible for System Development at ANED, shared her experience in tracking performance, as well as the storing and disposing of information. Moreover, she collected proposals from ECLOF Ecuador to improve IT for both organizations. Finally, she explored the acquisition and implementation in Ecuador of new technologies.

Omar Tarqui, who is Regional Manager at ANED and has much experience in the administration and assessment of credit and guarantees, shared his knowledge of credit technologies and visited the most relevant clients of ECLOF Ecuador to investigate new practices in credit evaluation and thus improve credit policies.

Needless to say, this exchange benefited both organizations greatly!